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This demo was built to demonstrate an Omnis Studio application from our application services. This is to illustrate and highlight the features that the service can provide, but also point out problem areas and what does not work. This particular demo uses a mixture of Omnis DML and OmnisSQL. Omnis DML is only used where it was to slow and impractical to use OmnisSQL (complex queries). 

Click here to access demo.

In practice, developers will probably opt for a RDBMS back end system such as Oracle, MS-Sql, MySql Postgres or other. Because of the nature of data sensitivity, some will only use our services for proof of concept and development and then opt for setting upp their own servers possibly on their customers network. We fully understand and expect this and will help our customers to achieve their goals.

Following are some of the positive points and drawbacks that you may face with this technology.


  • Good performance: Appears as running on the users computer.
  • Users distance from Application server almost irrelevant.
  • Tolerates very low bandwidth to client.
  • Secure, all communications are encrypted and data access can be strictly controlled.
  • State and quality of users computers and servers almost irrelevant.
  • Perfect way to sell application services in subscription.
  • Development platform irrelevant to customer as long as data is stored in a retrievable way. 
  • Access possible from anywhere.
  • Completely X-platform

Cons (mostly Omnis Studio related):

  • Startup time is a bit longer then with most desktop applications.

We also run Omnis Classic application on our server as is demonstrated here.

Please click here to read more on this technology and get idea of costs.


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